Chinese bread island cabinet

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made in China
Brand Name: bebangso
Packing method: Wooden box

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Model: A

Size: 2200*1200*1450mm

Price: 10500¥/M


Product name:Chinese bread island cabinet
Product weight: 130kg
Product size: 600*500*1350mm
Product price:10500¥/M
Product model: bbs1310
Product material: wood, metal,glass
Compression rating: excellent
Product color: wood grain
Item dimension:2200mm*1200mm*1450mm
Item weight:130(kilograms)
Item color:Brown
Item material:Wood
Item brand:Bebangso


Environmental protection sheet: low-carbon, healthy and pollution-free;
Quality glass: transparent and safe, unique and beautiful;
Professional light source: high efficiency, energy saving, durable and stable;
High-quality hardware: exquisite production and fine processing.
characteristics: a crispy exterior, a moist crumb and a delectable chew. Like a plastic bag, this bread-making tool traps the moisture from the bread inside the container. ... In short, the box creates the perfect humid environment to keep your bread at its peak for three or four days.

Fun fact of the item: Bread boxes (or “bread bins” as they’re known in Great Britain) were commonplace until the middle part of the 20th Century, when buying commercial bread packed with preservatives gained favor over baking fresh bread at home. (This is why a bag of store-bought hot dog buns seems to never, ever go bad.) With the recent renaissance of artisanal breads, fresh grains and home baking, bread boxes—with their simple science and aesthetic charm— have become an unlikely darling of the movement.

Virtues of the item: For the majority of people, the term “bread box” conjures up an antiquated image: a rustic wooden contraption better suited for Little House on the Prairie than the modern kitchen.Wooden might be your choice in term of cost effective purpose.

Care instructions: With a damp - but not wet - soft cloth, wipe down all the cabinetry, including the inside of drawers and cabinets and all hardware. Use another clean, soft cloth to dry. If you use a glass cleaner on any glass doors, be sure to protect the wood surfaces as ammonia in the glass cleaner can damage the finish on your cabinets.Because your cabinets have water resistant melamine interiors, you do not need to line them with shelf paper. Instead, wipe them with a soft cloth in the same way that you wipe down the exteriors.

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